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Year 4 Fieldwork

By 23 February 2024No Comments

Early this morning, Year 4 geographers clothed in their wellington boots, hi-vis jackets and armed with their clipboards, ventured out into the local woodland to carry out some fieldwork to answer the enquiry question: how is our local woodland used?

Through observation and questioning, they were able to draw conclusions. They used tally charts to keep track of all the activities that were taking place and used questionnaires to collect data from the public. They were very polite and displayed a lot of the key school values when speaking to others. Also, they were able to map our route to the woods and add any distinctive features to their maps.

Deep in the woods, they were able to identify some key features of how some of the plants have adapted to live in our woods.

They wrapped up their fieldwork by using a man-made feature (the playground) to have some fun before walking back to school.

What a brilliant start of term for Year 4!