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Spring Arts Festival

By 26 March 2024No Comments

On Tuesday 26th March, Lordswood School came together to showcase their talents and celebrate many different art forms in the Lordswood Spring Arts Festival. All participants had previously taken part in an audition for Miss Houston and Mrs Willson and 15 acts were chosen to perform for the rest of the school. Unfortunately, due to the high demand (over 25 entries), they were unable to put everyone through to the next round. However, they would like to make it clear that they are so very proud of all who auditioned.

Prepped and ready to go, the finalists waited patiently as the rest of the school filed in with a buzz in the air and excitement filling the hall. One by one the amazing Lordswood talent stepped up to the plate. Not only were they to perform for their peers and Lordswood teaching staff, but they also needed to wow the group of judges: the Music Ambassadors, Miss Houston and Mrs Willson. The show started with the fantastic Thomas and Mia (Year 3), who wowed the audience with their magic tricks. Then, Jake (Year 2) took the stage dressed in his sailor costume and performed a mesmerizing tap routine. Ellie (Year 4) followed, singing her heart out and overcoming her nerves. Next, Livvie (Year 6) demonstrated fantastic perseverance with her astounding singing voice. Scarlett and Mimi (Year 4) danced brilliantly in matching costumes, showing great teamwork. Daisy (Year 3) displayed her fantastic gymnastic skills, leaving the audience breathless. Following our ever-growing talent, we were treated to an energetic performance by Tallulah (Year 4) and Lily (Year 3) who wowed everyone with her incredible karate moves – you wouldn’t want to mess with her!

Then came the moment that many Year 6 students had been waiting for, as Lordswood’s newest Boy Band graced the stage with their interesting dance routine. The band, consisting of Riley, Taylor G, Sam, Harry, and Lastar, left the audience wanting more. Toby (Year 4) followed with his favourite song and some smooth dance moves, while Mia (Year 5) impressed us all with her piano-playing skills that encouraged the rest of the school to sing along and harmonize.

Next up was Meghan (Year 4), who gave us her best Taylor Swift impression by singing her heart out and performing some popstar moves. Khloe (Year 2) proudly stood on stage and demonstrated her lovely singing voice, inspired by Year 2’s performance at the Music Festival. Harper and Olivia shared a poem that they created together, celebrating a different art form. Finally, Freya (Year 3) treated the audience to a ballroom dancing performance.

After the performances, the judges had a tough time deciding on the winners. So, they introduced a golden card, the Teachers Choice Award, and allowed all teaching staff to vote for one last winner. All results will be announced in Assembly on Thursday and the judges can’t wait to crown the winners. Once again, Miss Houston and Mrs Willson would like to take the opportunity to thank the fantastic performers, the amazing audience and all their families for their ongoing support.