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Griffin Science Symposium

By 17 March 2023March 19th, 2023No Comments

Over the past two weeks, the pupils of Lordswood School have been scientists and have immersed themselves into many different Science topics, experiments and investigations. Here are some snippets from the different year groups:

Nursery & Year R:

We had a wonderful science week – we learnt about floating and sinking by investigating what objects did in water, we recorded our findings like proper scientists! Children were able to use their prior knowledge to help problem solve to make bridges and boats. They were learning and using scientific words to support their investigations and were beginning to make predictions and compare results. We also did a skittles experiment where we made predictions about what would happen when we add water to skittles and recorded the process by ordering images.

Year 1:

During the Science Symposium, Year 1 have enjoyed investigating which biscuit is the best dunker. Together we thought about our predictions before working together to carefully test a range of biscuits in warm tea. We enjoyed sharing our results via Zoom to other trust schools. This year we also enjoyed investigating rockets by making straw aeroplanes. We had lots of fun creating, testing and evaluating our straw aeroplanes and we would love to recreate this investigation in the future.

Year 2:

We’ve had a fantastic science week! For our theme of connections,  we investigated whether acorns could dance! We used antacid tablets in a cup of water and then placed our acorns inside. It was so fun watching them bob up and down like they were dancing! We discussed if we thought other things would dance too, then repeated our investigation with raisins and they worked. We have also been looking at different types of material. We investigated whether they could be squeezed, twisted, stretched and bent.

Year 3:

Year 3 have had a wonderful time making ‘Connections’ during British Science Week. We had an inspiring assembly all about making connections led by Mr Williams from Saxon Way. With him he brought a variety of objects which all had their own story. This stemmed our curiosity and many questions were asked to develop our understanding and knowledge further.

We also enjoyed linking up with the year 3 classes from Saxon Way and Kingfisher to share our biscuit dunking investigations results. Each class, from each school carried out the same investigation and then presented our finding to each other. We all found many similarities in our results, but also some differences. We had great discussions about why this may have happened.

For our PREP for learning this week, we asked the children to research their class trees (Larch and Hawthorn) and complete a defining frame. We then came together, as a year groups, and discussed our findings before completing a compare and contrast metacognition thinking frame.

The children have also enjoyed exploring what connections could be made with the Lordswood School emblem. The main questions the children asked to investigate further were, ‘Why is there an acorn on our school emblem?’ and ‘What tree does the leaf come from?’ Had discussions and researched oak trees and then went on the hunt for oak trees within our school grounds. Equipped with our new knowledge, we went on a hunt to identify which of our trees were oak, and which were not. We then thought about the importance of trees in our environment.

Year 5:

Year 5 have had a fantastic two weeks enjoying science. We started by welcoming year 7 pupils from Chatham Grammar for Girls and students from the University of Kent to support us in making rockets. We had lots of difficulty creating an air tight seal to pump air into. Eventually we managed it after many attempts and improvements to our design. We really enjoyed working with the other students. Later in the week we enjoyed testing to see if the thickness of a biscuit affected how good it was to dunk in tea. We found  the rich tea was best and we enjoyed drinking lots of tea and eating lots of biscuits. We shared our findings during a zoom call with Saxon Way and Kingfisher which was lots of fun and we enjoyed seeing old friends. In addition we have been completing experiments looking at materials, mixing and separating, evaporation and the causes of condensation. It has been really good and we have loved being scientists.                                                                  By Annaliese and Faith

Year 6:

We have had an amazing two weeks of Science. We loved Mars Day, biscuit dunking and sharing our findings over Zoom. We then learned all about Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution. We enjoyed looking at how the human skull has evolved over time and how we look similar to our parents. Ask us why this is! We enjoyed linking this theory when Mr Williams came and showed us lots of fossils. We consolidated our understanding by going on a journey through Now Press Play. Finally we looked at the sycamore and maple tree as part of our prep for learning. Who knew that the sycamore tree was so closely related to the maple tree!