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Year 4 Greek Day

By 10 June 2024No Comments

Year 4 historians took a couple of steps back to the year 420 BC, where they experienced the life of the Ancient Greeks. They started off the day with a photoshoot to capture their amazing costumes. They then ventured on to look at life in Greek civilisation, where they learnt some amazing facts. Did you know that the Ancient Greeks had wine all day, even for breakfast!

During the second session, they looked at the legacy that the Ancient Greeks left us and what a legacy! The Greeks gave us amazing architecture like the bank of England building; they gave us famous philosophers like Socrates and mathematicians like Pythagoras. Doctors today are still taking the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ brought to us by the Ancient Greeks. They left us words like ‘Democracy’ and ‘Galaxy’. If you can think of it, I bet you the Greeks probably thought of it first. One year 4 historian marvelled, ‘Was there anything that the Greeks weren’t good at!”

Later on, they went on a ‘Now Press Play’ experience where they were the Athenians who were being attacked by the Spartans. They also visited the Olympic games at Olympia, where they learnt that the men would compete naked. Wow! With the help of the Oracle and the philosopher Plato, they were victorious against Sparta and saved the day.

The day ended with the young historians looking at Greek type art (mosaics) and sampling Greek food. The Greek yoghurt with honey, feta cheese, and pitta bread were favourites. The olives and hummus not so much. Overall, it was a very successful and educational day for the young historians.