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Healthy Living Week and Challenge 26 2023

By 19 May 2023May 28th, 2023No Comments

FSU have taste tested different fruits and used their describing words to explain. They did yoga, PE sessions outside, learnt what the food groups are, designed their own plate of healthy food, sorted healthy and unhealthy foods and learnt about how to remain happy – using the book ‘Augustus and his smile’.

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Healthy Living Week. In DT, they designed and created their own delicious fruit kebabs. For their afternoon lessons, they took part in a range of Physical Education activities to develop their agility skills. Whenever possible, they also took part in some mindfulness and Cosmic Yoga to help them practise how to stay calm whilst improving their agility and balance. They’ve had lots of fun! Finally they enjoyed taking part in the Lordswood Fun Run – thank you for attending!

To celebrate Healthy Living Week in Year 2, they made fruit kebabs, took part in a scootering skills session and enjoyed their fun run! It has been a jam-packed week! They have also thought about how they can ensure they have a healthy body and a healthy mind. They carried out a mindfulness zoom session with Gigglets and focused on their senses learning that sometimes we just need to take some time for ourselves. They also learnt that, to be healthy, they should eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and make sure they get enough sleep. They will definitely sleep well this weekend!

Year 3 on Monday attended their weekly swimming session. On Tuesday they went to the leisure centre where they took part in four sessions composing of trampolining, rounders, dodge ball and badminton with bouncy castles; they had an amazing day. Also, they have been taking part in yoga sessions and just dance throughout the week. In their PSHE lessons (healthy me) they have had discussions about how the heart and lungs work together to keep them healthy as well as creating a poster about being safe with medicine, how to make healthy choices and creating their own individual fitness plans. At the end of the week they drew a defining frame to show their safe place and who they can go to for help. This week they have also enjoyed active Maths lessons.

As part of healthy living week, Year 4 visited Lordswood Leisure Centre and participated in a range of sports activities. These included: trampolining, rounders, dodge ball, bouncy castle and badminton. They worked in teams as well as individually. They had fun!

This week, Year 5 have been discussing ways people can damage and take care of their bodies. They have learned about the negative impact of smoking and how drinking alcohol can lead to antisocial behaviour. Their final Jigsaw lesson was all about body image; they maturely and curiously discussed how the media can have an impact on their feelings about their bodies and took some time to anonymously compliment their classmates. Their recipes for a good body image are something they are really proud of! At Lordswood Leisure Centre, they took part in some brilliant activities: rounders, dodgeball, trampolining and badminton. They had so much fun showing off their tricks on the bouncy castle. Finally, they all had the best time taking part in the Challenge 26 fun run and even had a dinosaur join them! What a week it’s been!

This year, Year 6 were presented with a number of opportunities to explore what it means to practise a healthy lifestyle. They explored both physical and psychological health as they partook in a number of activities ranging from their prep for learning on mental wellbeing; the impact of drugs on the body in PSHE; creating, understanding and applying tactics in game situations (Tag Rugby) to a number of other physical activities at our local leisure centre (trampolining, dodgeball, rounders, table tennis and bouncy castle) which they walked a brisk 1.5 miles to and from. To end the week the children then took part in our annual Challenge 26 fun run where they all ran, along with their adults, for 26 minutes wearing fancy dress. Super! The children seemed to be happier and more amiable throughout the week as they really enjoyed being active and being exposed to a variety of physical activities. They also showed a keen interest in our PSHE learning and the effects on the body. Overall it was a very rewarding experience for both children and staff.

Well done for your fantastic fundraising efforts – so far we have over £1500!