Our Physical Education and Sports Provision

At Lordswood School, we provide in excess of 2 hours of high quality Physical Education where by all children are able to engage and participate in sustained physical activity. All members of staff have had support and mentoring from our local sporting partnership, in delivering good to outstanding lessons, that allow all pupils to improve their physical literacy, motivation, confidence as well as their knowledge and understanding of sport and healthy lifestyles.


Our Physical Education curriculum has been designed to allow children to be able to develop and improve their fundamental skills that are needed across a variety of different sports. In KS1, children will have the opportunity to demonstrate and perform the important skills of running, throwing and catching with the aim of leaving year 2 being able to run, throw and catch with the correct techniques appropriate for the sport they are participating in, as well as beginning to understand the “5 me’s”.


Lower KS2 children will have the opportunity to use and develop the skills learned in KS1 and begin to apply these to small game activities. They will also be introduced to rules and continue to build upon the “5 me’s” to enhance their knowledge and understanding of individual sports:

  • Social me
  • Thinking me
  • Physical me
  • Healthy me
  • Creative me.


Upper KS2 will apply skills and tactics in all game situations incorporating teamwork, fair play, leadership skills and games will be played in a competitive environment so that children are secondary ready. They will also be given the opportunity to be trained as leaders of the Lordswood Sports Crew, who will deliver lunchtime sporting activities for KS1 and KS2 children.



Extra-Curricular Provision


At Lordswood School, we offer a range of sporting clubs both at lunchtime and after school that allow children to be participants, leaders and facilitators. These are inclusive and allow for high levels of participation with competition promoted throughout. All clubs are free and offer pupils the widest range of opportunities to participate at a range of levels.


Competitive Sport


Pupils regularly compete in school, local and national competitions and Lordswood has an enviable reputation for high performance in competitive events. Our trophy cabinets and press releases are a proud reminder of our successes. Pupils are regularly spotted as having potential to excel in sporting events and this talent is nurtured and catered for from a very young age.


Our 2-year cycle of activities ensures the widest provision and opportunities for pupils at Lordswood.



Year 1

Term Activities
1 Gymnastics Hockey
2 Tennis Tag Rugby
3 Hockey Badminton
4 Netball Handball/Volleyball
5 Cricket /Swimming Yr 4 Rounders
6 Athletics Athletics



Year 2

Term Activities
1 Dance Hockey
2 Golf Table Tennis
3 Basketball Netball
4 Football Football
5 Badminton/ Swimming Y 4 Cricket
6 Tennis Athletics