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Governance is a key element of the leadership and management of the Trust itself and of the schools individually and collectively. Please click here to see out Governance Structure.


The Trust (itself accountable to DfE) is the body to whom schools are directly accountable. It delegates autonomy to each Local Governing Board/Body (LGB) or School Improvement Board (SIB) according to the Scheme of Delegation. 


The Trust Board is made up of experts in UK and international education as well as private sector professionals with a wide range of commercial experience and expertise. In keeping with our vision we also place an emphasis on attracting Trustees who have backgrounds and networks in Sport and the Arts. The Board acts as guardian to the Trust vision, and ensures that progress towards its fulfilment is underpinned with the highest standards of compliance with our regulators so that public funding is very well-used.


Serving as a governor in a GST school requires a commitment to the seven principles of public life and to a code of conduct which puts the school and its pupils at the centre. GST governors meet formally every thirteen weeks (i.e. once every school term) and much of the real work is done between these meetings, through Working Groups and individual contributions to the school’s life according to each governor’s skills and the needs of the school.


The role is very different from that of a governor in a Local Authority school, recognising that the Head is the school’s Chief Executive and the Board is there to advise, support and challenge through appropriate channels and to evidence the impact that governance is having on the school’s progress. As in the world of non-executive directors, GST governors are expected to bring their skills to bear and to work in co-operation and collaboration with the staff team, the whole Local Governing Body and the Trust to bring about rapid and sustained improvement for the pupils they serve.


The Trust is responsible for the appointment, performance management and professional development of the Heads, though the LGB’s work has a vital role to play in highlighting and evidencing the impact that the Head and governors are making through their termly meetings. Through their work in and for the school, governors come to know the school community and to be well-informed about its performance, able to talk about it confidently and accurately to the Trust, to Ofsted, to parents and to interested local groups.


We very much appreciate the work that governors do and the part they play in the success of the schools they serve and indeed of the Trust. We hope that governors find reward in the impact they make on young lives and their individual experience of the living reality of the GST motto: Proud Traditions Wide Horizons High Achievement.


The Medway Governing Board is:

Martin Chapman

Henry Chung

Linda Elliot

Lorraine Gammon

Jennie Thomas

Diana Wilks

Christina Williams

Terri Zbyszewska



Martin Chapman – Chair

Hello! I’m Martin Chapman. I have two daughters, aged 8 & 10, at Lordswood School. I joined the school as a parent governor when the school was still with Medway & have had the pleasure of seeing the school transition to Griffin Schools Trust. I now sit on the Griffin Medway Board & help to provide governance for the 3 Medway Griffin schools. I am an engineer by trade with many years experience in project management, seeing projects from inception to completion across many varied commercial sectors. I’m currently working for a shop fitter creating restaurants across the UK. I like to spend as much time as possible with my daughters & my wife, we have no end of adventures as a family. I love to “get involved” as much as I am able & enjoy spending time assisting people whenever I can. I’m a keen cyclist & enjoy generally being outside.”


Henry Chung

My name is Henry Chung. I am a Commercial Director within a SME in Canterbury overseeing the Marketing, Sales Office, warehouse and Logistics. One of the reasons that I became a governor was that I am passionate about volunteering which I am a volunteer for several organisations including the Griffin Schools Trust, Medway Board. As a father of two teenagers, I am trying my best to contribute as much as I can into the educational sector as well as learning new skills. As a member of the Finance and HR committee, I am sure that I am contributing to the schools with my business skills as well as personal development.


Linda Elliott

My name is Linda Elliott, I am a self-employed driving instructor and have run my own business local to Medway for the last 13 years. I have 2 children (twins age now 12) and throughout their primary school life I took a keen interest in their school and became a parent governor. When they left the school I was lucky enough to be able to carry on the role as a governor and am now happy to be on the governing Board for 3 local Griffin schools.


Lorraine Gammon

My name is Lorraine Gammon and I have been a parent governor since September 2015. I have children and my youngest daughter has just started her journey onto secondary school. I am a volunteer at Saxon Way Primary School and have just completed my Learning Support Assistant Qualification. I am enjoying my role as a member of the Board.


Jennie Thomas – Vice Chair

My name is Jennie Thomas and I have served as chair of the Medway Governing Board since its inception in October 2015. I live in Kent and worked as a secondary school teacher and local authority adviser before retirement. I was previously chair of governors at Kingfisher school and served for many years as a primary school governor in Gravesend. I am a trustee of Griffin Schools Trust, a parent and grandparent. I have a keen interest in amateur dramatics.


Diana Wilks

I’m Diana Wilks married with 3 children (aged 3, 9 and 10) all at Lordswood School. I started working part time last year after being able to be a stay at home mum for 10 years. Prior to this I completed my degree in BA (Hons) Law with Social studies before working in Share Registration and progressing to a Client Relationship Manager at Capita Registrar’s in Share Plans. I am a Brownie Leader. I love to sew, cook and even managed to run the London Marathon in 2015.


Christina Williams

My name is Christina Williams. I have two children aged 10 and 17 years of age. I am a Specialist Biomedical Scientist in Biochemistry department at Medway Maritime where i have worked for 26years. Here i achieved my BSC and Fellowship exams for the Institute of biomedical scientists. I am now training officer responsible for getting staff State registered and specialist portfolios as well as organising lunch time CPD.


Terri Zbyszewska

Terri has spent her entire career in education working in the public, independent and charity sectors, in the UK and overseas. She has worked in schools, teaching mathematics and computing, and for local authorities offering support in data management. She has always been involved in community sports leadership. She has also worked as an educational consultant for a national charity and for a wide variety of schools and local authorities across the UK. Terri now spends a large part of her time on voluntary work for schools and local organisations.


Sam Hunt – Clerk

0163 466 1540


Claire Saxton – Clerk

03000 658 250



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