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Governance is a key element of the leadership and management of the Trust itself and of the schools individually and collectively. Please click here to see our Governance Structure.


The Trust (itself accountable to DfE) is the body to whom schools are directly accountable. It delegates autonomy to each Local Governing Board/Body (LGB) or School Improvement Board (SIB) according to the Scheme of Delegation. 


The Trust Board is made up of experts in UK and international education as well as private sector professionals with a wide range of commercial experience and expertise. In keeping with our vision we also place an emphasis on attracting Trustees who have backgrounds and networks in Sport and the Arts. The Board acts as guardian to the Trust vision, and ensures that progress towards its fulfilment is underpinned with the highest standards of compliance with our regulators so that public funding is very well-used.


Serving as a governor in a GST school requires a commitment to the seven principles of public life and to a code of conduct which puts the school and its pupils at the centre. GST governors meet formally every thirteen weeks (i.e. once every school term) and much of the real work is done between these meetings, through Working Groups and individual contributions to the school’s life according to each governor’s skills and the needs of the school.


The role is very different from that of a governor in a Local Authority school, recognising that the Head is the school’s Chief Executive and the Board is there to advise, support and challenge through appropriate channels and to evidence the impact that governance is having on the school’s progress. As in the world of non-executive directors, GST governors are expected to bring their skills to bear and to work in co-operation and collaboration with the staff team, the whole Local Governing Body and the Trust to bring about rapid and sustained improvement for the pupils they serve.


The Trust is responsible for the appointment, performance management and professional development of the Heads, though the LGB’s work has a vital role to play in highlighting and evidencing the impact that the Head and governors are making through their termly meetings. Through their work in and for the school, governors come to know the school community and to be well-informed about its performance, able to talk about it confidently and accurately to the Trust, to Ofsted, to parents and to interested local groups.


We very much appreciate the work that governors do and the part they play in the success of the schools they serve and indeed of the Trust. We hope that governors find reward in the impact they make on young lives and their individual experience of the living reality of the GST motto: Proud Traditions Wide Horizons High Achievement.


The Medway Governing Board is:

Gemma Sant

Justin Creasey

Martin Chapman

Trevor Edinborough

Lorraine Gammon

Diana Wilks


Gemma Sant – Chair, Safeguarding

Gemma began teaching in 2009 and joined the leadership team at Riverley as an Assistant Head in 2013 – 2014. Gemma was then appointed to Deputy Head and further to Head in 2017. Gemma has a keen interest in teaching and learning and has achieved a Masters in Education. She believes that schools should inspire learning in children whilst educating them to grow into independent, confident and accomplished young people. Through her leadership, Gemma is committed to the coaching and professional development of her colleagues paving the way for further progress in the field of education.


Justin Creasey

As Director of Education at the Griffin Schools Trust, Justin brings a wealth of educational expertise to the Medway Board. He has a Certificate in Mathematics Specialist Teaching and has a keen interest in school improvement and curriculum innovation. As a former professional dancer and musician, Justin values all areas of achievement including performance art and musical theatre. Currently, Justin plays the French horn and performs with a London Wind Band and a semi-professional London Orchestra. Justin’s interest in early development and child psychology drive his ambition to develop pupil voice throughout all areas of school life. He believes that a GREAT school is a place where every decision made is driven by, and centred around what is best for the children in it.


Martin Chapman

Martin Chapman is an engineer by trade and brings many years’ experience in the private sector, working in project management, seeing projects from inception to completion. He has worked across many varied commercial sectors, currently working for a shop fitter creating restaurants across the UK. He likes to spend as much time as possible with his daughters, who attend Lordswood Primary.


Trevor Edinborough

Trevor has many years of experience in the education sector and in school improvement, working across the public, private and charity sectors. He has worked extensively in the UK as well as internationally. He was a successful head in two very different inner city comprehensive schools and has had wide ranging experience in the delivery of local authority services at Assistant Director and Deputy Director levels. In addition, Trevor has significant international experience in the delivery of major education priorities and has a successful track record in the development and delivery of national government contracts.


Lorraine Gammon

Lorraine works as a volunteer at Saxon Way Primary and has just completed her Learning Support Assistant Qualification. As a parent, she is delighted to be contributing to education and making a difference for young people.


Diana Wilks

Diana Wilks has 3 children all at Lordswood School and started working part-time last year after being able to be a stay at home mum for 10 years. Prior to this, she completed a degree in Law with Social studies before working in Share Registration and was a Client Relationship Manager at Capita Registrar’s.



Sam Hunt – Clerk

0163 466 1540

Kingfisher School, Kingfisher Drive, Chatham ME5 7NX


Claire Saxton – Clerk

03000 658 250

Lordswood School, Lordswood Lane, Chatham ME5 8NN



Address of Chair:

4-14 Barmeston Road, Catford, London, SE6 3BH


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